Chapter 1: Limits

Use this syllabus to study and prepare for each assessment. Please note that assignments are subject to change and will be announced in class. It is expected that you are checking odd answers online at or in the back of the textbook. Answers to odd questions will not usually be given in class, but you will have the opportunity to ask about any exercise.

Homework Assignment
Estimate a limit a numerical or graphical approach, learn different ways that a limit can fail to exist, use the formal definition of a limit
1-25 odd, 53-55,
Evaluate a limit using properties of limits, develop strategy for finding limits, evaluate a limit using dividing out and rationalizing techniques
11-21 odd, 27-39 odd, 49, 53, 57, 67, 71
Determine continuity at a point and on an open interval, determine one-sided limits and continuity on a closed interval, use properties of continuity, use the Intermediate Value Theorem
1-11 odd, 15, 17, 25, 27, 33-47 odd, 57, 59, 87
Determine infinite limits from the left and right, find and sketch the vertical asymptote of the graph of a function
13-43 odd, 49,

Pg. 91 #3, 5, 11-27, odd, 31-67 odd
1.2-1.3 WS Key